Bryan A. McBrien began his career in Hollywood California in 1997 working on the Film “CONTACT” as a young Greensman, only three months out of University. He has continued to work with the best & brightest Directors, Production Designers, Art Directors, SPFX Artists, and all the other Crafts which make up a successful Movie Crew. With his induction into the Art Directors Guild in 2012, Bryan became the first IATSE Greens Coordinator to become a member of Local 800 (ADG).
With over 5o Feature Film credits and 20 years in Hollywood, Bryan has worked on almost every budgetary tier, dozens of distant locations for extended periods, blizzards, monsoons, searing heat, and even Alien planetary conditions! From the extreme elevations of Pikes Peak, The Central Rockies and the Wasatch Mountain Range, he has continued to push the boundaries while figuring out the logistical issues that come with shooting crews working at 9,000 plus feet. From the Deserts of California, Arizona, and New Mexico to the bayous of Louisiana, Bryan has “been there and done that.”
Completing his foray into becoming a Vendor to the Greens Industry in 2008 with the addition of Cinema Greens, the newest iteration in Atlanta, Ga, Bryan continues to push his career to new levels of involvement in the Film Industry. He currently has homes in Glendale, CA and Atlanta, GA, making him a very versatile addition to your project. As IATSE Local 800 & 44, he offers experience levels and budgetary options beyond most Production Designers. Take a look at his extensive resume and feel free to contact the Talented Agents, led my Maureen Toth, of Eastern Talent Agency (LA/NY).

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